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10/24/17 - GLMCC and NAE release report on the role of immigrants in the Great Lakes economy.  

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GLMCC/NAE Report on Immigration in the Great Lakes States

An increase in immigrant populations in the Great Lakesregion has led to a rebound in the manufacturing industry, a boom in thehealthcare sector, and the creation of nearly 250,000 working-class jobs, a newreport from New American Economy and the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalitionfinds. 

The new report, New Americans and a New Direction: The Roleof Immigrants in Reviving the Great Lakes Region explores the contributions immigrants have made in the area, calculatingtheir spending power and tax contributions, their influence on the labormarket, and their role in combating population decline throughout the region. 

 “In the Great Lakes region – from Pittsburgh and Clevelandto Detroit and Milwaukee – highly skilled immigrants are critical to improvingour economy and filling workforce gaps,” said Matt Smith, president of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.“Realizing this, nearly 40 chambers of commerce – representing the businesscommunity across 12 states in the Great Lakes region – formed the Great LakesMetro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC). Advancing federal immigration reform is a toppriority of the GLMCC because our chambers know that we must embrace talentfrom all sources so regions can compete in the global economy.”

"Detroit is making a comeback, and immigrants are a bigpart of that. New Americans own one out of every three Main Street businessesin our metro area,” said Brad Williams,Vice President of the Detroit Regional Chamber. “This is good forneighborhoods, for workers and job seekers—immigrants are good forDetroit."


Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition

The Great Lakes Region is the world’s most important economic engine, covering all or parts of twelve states and two Canadian provinces.  With a combined gross product of about $5.7 trillion – the Great Lakes region is a cradle of innovation, ingenuity and productivity, the home of many of the world’s leading educational and healthcare institutions, and the source of 20% of the world’s fresh water supply.  Manufacturing is its cornerstone.

The region is addressing the significant challenges of the global economy – challenges that call for more collaboration among the region’s leaders and with the federal government. The Coalition is supporting job-creating infrastructure investment and new federal policies to help drive the region’s long term economic transformation and competitiveness.

The Coalition has developed a plan for the Great Lakes region and won a number of victories in five categories critical to the region’s economic future:

  •        Improved transportation infrastructure

  •        Efficient U.S.-Canadian border crossings

  •        Highly-skilled immigration

  •        Abundant and affordable base load energy

  •        Plentiful and clean Great Lakes water